Meet Vici.


Welcome to Vici LLC team, where we capture your beautiful love stories THROUGH video and photo.

Our approach to capture your day in a vibrant and bright way that show cases the happy moment.

Vici LLC was started in 2016 with the dream of making people smile more. It was started by Rachael Popovici, whose passion is helping people see the beauty in themselves. Rachael pursued her education in psychology with a bachelors in human services with a craving to help people and advocate for people rights’. She continues to advocate for others now with a camera by promoting beauty in photos. Her inspiration for photography began when she picked up a camera to take photos for her food blog (that is no longer around, don’t go looking for it haha!) All jokes aside, working with people on their special day has been a dream of Vici LLC since Rachael first picked up that camera. The goal with every shoot whether its a wedding, engagement, and family, is that when you see the photos you see yourself a as beautiful human being who’s not scared to show the world who you are!

Kenneth Johnathan is the co-founder of Vici LLC who has taken the reigns as head of videography and sound. He pursued education for audio engineering, where he began to learn about the video and production. He is multifaceted in videography but photography as well. His passion is telling a story within a film that our couples can cherish for the rest of their lives and generations to come. A film captures the moment that a photo cannot say. His passion for creativity allows for the Vici LLC films to be not only tear jerking but filled with so many happy emotions. He believes that creating things is what he was put on this planet do, and loves working with people and helping them relive one the best days of their lives!

The team at Vici LLC values the fundamentals of relationships and just how important capturing that moment is for their clients is! Running a company together definitely has its up and down but we pride ourselves on how well we work together. They honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Me & Kenny both look forward to meeting you, and hope to capture your big day!